The People Who Let Go of Their Rocks: Main Verb ID Practice: Paragraph 1

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A wide river
1. separated two villages. One day, a child from one of the villages
2. stood on the muddy bank of the river to
3. see the people in the village across. As his feet
4. sank into the mud, he
5. stretched taller to
6. see the people. Sometimes, the way some of them
7. moved
8. looked so strange to him that he
9. blinked his eyes. Every day after he
10. had finished
11. gathering wood for his mother's fire, he
12. returned to the river bank to
13. watch the people across. The first time he
14. watched , his body
15. flowed gently along with the strange movements of the faraway people. After a while, he
16. could copy their movements perfectly.