Short Essay on Medicating the Mentally Ill

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Medications for treating

1. noninfectious diseases such as mental illness are particularly problematic. To begin with, for many of the mentally ill, admitting being mentally ill is admitting being

2. defective . These people will therefore resist being medicated. In addition, medications that treat mental illness often cause troublesome

3. side-effects . In medicating, there may be a very fine line between helping a person express normal

4. affection and causing a person

5. affectations in behavior, such as nervous twitches or inappropriate laughter. From the perspective of patients who suffer from extreme

6. perfectionism , any minor side-effects may be amplified to the degree of absolute intolerability. On the other hand, the mentally ill who receive some kind of emotional pay-off for admitting to their disease may over-medicate, popping pretty-colored pills as though they were

7. confectionery . Considering these variables, it is no wonder that determining the

8. effectiveness of a medication for a mental illness is frought with uncertainty.