Words that Bring

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In your mind's eye, draw a

1. circumference around yourself. Your personal space is inside this boundary. Now, imagine thoughts are things that can be brought into or out of your personal space. Now, think of a

2. ferry that carries people and things back and forth across a body of water. Notice that the word, ferry, is from the Latin root, ferre, to bring or carry. Keep in mind that you are in control of your personal space, that you decide what may be brought into or out of it. You may have a

3. conference with others, in which people bring together their ideas. You decide which ideas you accept. You may decide to accept all the ideas, thus

4. deferring to all the other members of the conference. You may make

5. inferences about what the other members say, draw your own conclusions based on what you already know. You or other members may

6. interfere with the procedure of an effective conference; someone may speak out of turn, or argue excessively. Any member may

7. offer ideas for the consideration of others. Any member may express or withhold their personal

8. preferences . Any member may

9. proffer an idea, promoting it with a strong argument. Any member may

10. refer to the content of previous conferences. Perhaps most importantly, any member may decide not to

11. suffer the consequences of accepting destructive ideas. Remember that you are in control of your personal space, and you decide what you will allow into and out of it.