Port Reporting

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I recently did some clerical work for an

1. import and

2. export business. I always found it a bit recursive that they were in the business of

3. trucking

4. transportation products, namely passenger cars and trucks and their parts. As I completed my daily shipment

5. reports , I often imagined that these cars and trucks would eventually be

6. transporting undocumented workers across the border to and from their illegal jobs in this country. I wondered to myself, What is

7. transportation , really? It consists of vehicles

8. supporting the rapid and distant movement of people and things. And yet, laws and enforcement exist to

9. deport undocumented people or prohibit shipment of illegal items. If all this seems complicated now, just wait until businesses begin

10. importing and

11. exporting

12. teleportive devices. World society will equip us to travel virtually anywhere we wish, but it will judge our

13. comportment according to how well we resist our wishes to be in the best possible places. But, perhaps by then, political geographic boundaries will be a thing of the past.